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VERY old.

I don't work like this anymore, but I can't really post any new stuff because I'd get into trouble.

The wife's song

2007-12-10 19:32:34 by eggatron

My wife doesn't have front page posting credentials, but I do and she's asked (harrased) me to post her message here too. The message is as follows:

I am shocked that I won the MAC7 November contest, but I'd like to thank the following;

Newgrounds - for having the contest
The judges - for chosing my song to win
eggatron - for doing all the tricky bits of the song (mastering and effects)
Everyone who's listened - that's why I wrote it
Everyone who's reviewed - because feedback is good (especially if it's praise)

You can hear my song here: vX2ff4Ji. I hope you like it as much as everyone else did :)

Go and listen to her song and please leave reviews because she really likes them.

New Tune

2007-08-30 03:05:31 by eggatron

That's right. I've pulled my finger out and made a short tune.

Go listen and please review. It looks lonely without any reviews. /94344

First post on this thing

2007-08-13 19:26:29 by eggatron

This is my first post on this new fangled NG thing. NG really has came a long way in the last 7 years...

Nothing really to report, just a bit bored really. Am currently waiting for the NG sketchbook tour `07 to be compiled into flash so I can see my panel along with the others and see if it sucked or not. Also waiting for the Boulevard of Broken Songs collab to (finally) be completed to see if my part in that sucked or not, too.

It's been several years since died a slow painful death, but something new is on the horizon with music, games and movies. Also trying to get some local people together to make a collab with all the parts telling a seperate story in one city. It might work, it might suck. Who can tell...

Anyway, that's me done. Hope to have some more concrete news next time.